1 Second Everyday: Video Diary App Reviews

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Cool app but burns through storage quick

1SE is a really fun app that allows you to reflect on the good parts of your day over a long period of time. However it eats up memory very quickly.

Simple fix but they wont do it

I love the concept of this app; its fun and thought provoking. However, in the 2+ years it has been in existence they have never made a vertical video option. This is frustrating for two reasons: 1. Theres no easy way to rotate videos that have been taken vertically, especially on iPhones. 2. Most people (including myself) use snapchat on the daily which is completely used in portrait mode. If you want to have higher adoption rates with the younger generation, you should really consider adding this function. I understand the defiance over portrait mode because it is lower quality, but to frank, not many people care. Ive spent the better half of today trying to figure out how to convert all of my old videos into landscape only to realize that, in the future, some of my greatest seconds I will have already captured in portrait mode on snapchat. Its super frustrating. Social media is becoming geared towards portrait videos so it would be great if you guys would follow suit. TL;DR: great concept but PLEASE make portrait mode an option

Not easy to use

Editing is difficult- I expected it to record just 60sec snippets or at least make editing easy.

Such a messy app

An absolutely unintuitive and messy app. Why do I need to have soooo many options to click on? I just want to have a single button that records my second everyday. Instead I need to hit what feels like ten buttons, navigate through 5 popups the teach me how to use it and I still cant understand it. Absolutely frustrating, it could be so easy.

Great app

I love being able to record my days so easily

Great App

Great idea great app! I cherish videos much more than photos and this is a great way to keep all your memories and is super easy! Once you do it for a bit, it becomes a habit and you never forget!

Best app

Its one of my favorite apps and I use it everyday. However, sometimes more than one important thing happen in the same day. I really want to shift that second to another day... Are there any solution to do this...


Great app. I love sharing and revisiting the good times and the not good ones. Its a constructive and fun app, and the recent fixes have really made this a smooth experience.


It does its job well. Ive generated 2 years of footage so far and I am still interested in continuing. You wont regret it!

Love This App

I love this App. This is my second year using it and it just gets better and better! Ive contacted Support twice and both times the help was immediate, friendly and resolved the problem I was having. User error!! Thanks for the super great and fun App.

Love the app, but needs some sort of sign in

This app is such a wonderful concept and so easy to use! However, I love it so much that I am scared of losing my progress. I ran out of iCloud storage a couple of months ago and broke my phone, so I lost some of my one second videos. A login feature would be a great solution for this! Everyone needs this app.


i love this app so much its an amazing idea. so worth the money i got all my friends hooked on it

Great value for the money

This is the only app Ive used every single day since Ive bought it. Lurv the animated gifs!!!! Its really fantastic and I recommend it to basically everyone I know.

Sound not working

I recorded three vids and the sound is not working. Yes, I turned up the volume. I also enabled microphone prior to recording.

undo button

great fun app! only i wish there was an undo button because ive accidentally deleted video clips from my timeline a couple times and havent been able to recover them because they were no longer on my phone


Very fun app, that is extremely accessible. Its really cool to capture a second of my day, and then look back into a condensed year. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for something fun to try.

The update is great but....

The update is great and has fixed some of the little things but I have been hoping that they would do an update that would allow you to rotate your video when you are snipping it. Every time I need to rotate a video I have to bring the video to another app, edit it there, and then bring it back to this one. But other than that the new update is great!

Favorite App

Ive used 1SE daily for the past nine months since my youngest daughter was born. Ive been able to document her life and see how much shes grown. The app is user friendly and I havent had any issues. Thank you!

Love this app!!

A friend recommended the app with glowing reviews and I downloaded it immediately! After using it for about two months, I feel the same way. The concept of recording a small moment from each day is so fun, and I know will be incredible to watch years from now. This app makes the storage and compilation of these videos seamless and easy, even reminding me with notifications when I forget to add a video. Highly recommended!!

Best app purchase yet

This app is the absolute highlight of my phone. It allows for recollection like no other. The one second allowed each day brings back memories of the entire day once viewed. I save month by month and then yearly to be able to recollect. I would easily pay more for this app. This is the most creative and thoughtful app out there.

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