1 Second Everyday: Video Diary App Reviews

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BEST APP EVER, it really is! So happy Ive been using it for the past months of my life!


Great tool to make this type of video!!!

Upload vídeos

Very good!!! But how to upload videos to free up space on your smartphone?

Nice concept, but spammy and cluttered

I really like the idea and the videos the app generates are quite nice. But the UI is quite cluttered for such an, in theory, simple concept. And the app sends constant, absolutely useless notifications every day. There is potential but the developer needs to decide on his properties.

The best diary!!!

Saw the pitch at TedX and started instantly to use the app. Missed only two days, Im lovin the idea of one second everyday. Keep up the great work!! Cheers from Germany

Great App with potential

Love the work you are doing and the new update! Please add more settings. Full-HD instead HD should be an option. Also a 2 second snippet option additionally to the 1,5 one. Great work guys!!

Such a messy app

An absolutely unintuitive and messy app. Why do I need to have soooo many options to click on? I just want to have a single button that records my second everyday. Instead I need to hit what feels like ten buttons, navigate through 5 popups the teach me how to use it and I still cant understand it. Absolutely frustrating, it could be so easy.

Love it but it needs a fix

I love this app and have been using it all year so far, However, since the last update my movies are no longer mashing. I press the button and it gets stuck on the "processing snippets" loading bar and it doesnt fill up. Please fix this so I can continued using the app!

Videos wont mash

Just purchased the app but its not working! Videos wont mash! Please fix it

Account please??

Hi! I really like this app, I think its a great way to keep memories. Although, Ive just change my phone and since I couldnt create an account with this app, then Ive lost the days I had on my last phone and have to start from scratch. Can you please make an update that allows us to create an account so that we can keep our project? Thanks!

Stopped working

After the last update the app no longer works, its not letting me mash the snippets together. Please update!

Not worth it

This is an expensive app, for essentially being a slightly different version of what you can do on snapchat for free (which is create short clips) just save yourself the $5 and export your clips from Snapchat instead. Also what is up with the adds? I would expect no adds if im paying money for this app. Super annoying.

Great App!!!

A great way to capture moments in your life. Easy and fun to use. Already recommend it to people I know and to those out there, strongly suggest you get this app!

Love it!

I love this app. Its such a great idea and I enjoy filming for it. I plan to film the whole year in 2017! Thanks so much! ❤️


Why does the app not work vertically and only horizontally? Glitches out or crashes when I try to take a video in the vertical position. If Im paying $6 for an app I expect it to be user friendly, which this app is not. Disappointed.

Cant rotate or zoom on videos and they force their adds on you every time you log in.

Im sorry. This is a paid app. I should have to see your damn banner ads every time I open the app!

Great keepsake keeper

Love this app! So many kinks have been worked out through the years (my third year using it). Its simple to use and if you ever have an issue or a question, their support team is outstanding! The only feature missing for me is the option to layer music over the final video, which is why I gave it 4 out of 5. Great app overall.

Love it

Love this app so much, Im past 7 months for my one second everyday video, and I made a little vacation video too, so simple and easy to use. Id just suggest adding an option to rotate videos in the app if possible, currently have a separate one downloaded :P but other than that love this app!

Such a great app

So easy to compile a collection of your favourite memories. Each release keeps adding more and more flexibility. Its great!

I highly recommend everyone to download this

I love this, and thoroughly enjoy watching my video as it progresses. I have one change I would love. It would be great if you the video was backed up onto a 1SE account or something. I am always scared of breaking my phone, and losing my 1SE video with it. Other than that, I love the app and the project that comes along with it!

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